Our Products


Secure and Protect Payloads

Variety of Mounting Surfaces

Temperature & Fluid Resistance

Resist Load Distortion

Vibration and Shock Resistance

Reusable - Easy Open & Close


LineBlocks - Grommets Specialty Elastomers

Greater payload protection against heavier loads

Separation of individual lines within one grouping

Greater vibration dampening

Fire protection - barrier

Conductive, EMI & EMP Protection

Pre-assembled for reduced installation time

Custom-designed elastomer grommets


Fastblock® thermal fire barrier insulation meets the most stringent fire, smoke and toxicity requirements

Compliant with FAR 25.1191: fuel-fed flame of 2000° F for 15 minutes!

Complete and easy to use system available in a variety of forms

Enables cost and weight reduction compared to other systems

Remains flexible from -54°C to +204°C (-65° to +400°F)

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TA Aerospace is your best source and first choice for specialty and standard clamping devices, thermal insulation products, and engineered solutions for all of your complex design needs.

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